Construction Management (EPC-M)

Construction Management Procurement


We have 30+ years’ worth of experience using this method, wherein the client directly employs multiple Trade Contractors, rather than employing a single Main Contractor. By placing individual contracts with separate specialist subcontractors, we manage those trades on your behalf, under the envelope of CDM Principal Contractor, to deliver the budgets and programme.

This technique provides immense value and performance for our clients and ensures their closest suppliers’ capabilities are maximised. Other benefits include an earlier start to construction works; the flexibility to make minor changes to the design/specification throughout the process, with minimal impact on time or finances; and the separation of the design responsibility from the responsibility for the build. These benefits are particularly vital when the project is technologically complex and requires the detailed engagement and control of very specialist subcontractors.

For construction management procurement routes, the developer needs a dedicated team of operation, commercial, and planning personnel to manage and administer the project. We, at Ambrey Baker, can assemble and manage all of this for you.