Insulated Walls & Ceilings for Food-safe and Temperature Controlled Facilities


As a business, we have 35 years of experience and knowledge when it comes to building food-safe and temperature-controlled boxes with composite insulated walls & ceilings, After all, it is how we started!

Food-safe insulated panels ensure you have the correct environment to minimise the risk of bacteria and water ingression, as well as ensuring structural and fire integrity is maintained throughout the whole structure. We also can build fire-proof boxes for fryers, as well as firewalls or compartments of up to 4 hours fire rating. In terms of temperature control, we have delivered environments as low as -60 degrees C.

Our specialist knowledge means we can advise on the correct product for the application, as well as use our expertise and highly skilled team to obtain the necessary approvals and install to your and your insurer’s requirements.