Cold & Chilled Storage Solutions

chilled storage

It's where we started...

Cold storage construction is where Ambrey Baker began. While we have expanded our remit over the past 30 years, temperature-controlled environments will always be our specialism and the area in which we lead the market.

Whether you need a newly-built chilled or refrigerated warehouse, cold docking equipment that maintains product temperatures throughout transit, or even maintenance of thermal walls and seals – we do it all. With outstanding service at our core, we’re there to guide our clients through every step of the process. This includes everything from an initial feasibility study and planning phase, to continued maintenance following installation.

We understand just how important it is to receive a quality-assured development, with made-to-last features, which is why all of our bespoke solutions are built with durability in front of mind. This is especially important when considering the need for fire-resistance when future-proofing your temperature-controlled inventory and ensuring the safety of your staff.

The added benefits of embarking on a partnership with Ambrey Baker can also be found in our very own flooring company which provides sturdy and hard-wearing floors. Additionally, we have an in-house team of 60 insulated panel installers, efficient plant and asset protection measures, and a reliable network of suppliers and designers. This allows us to craft the perfect cold storage facility every time.

Our position as one of the UK’s leading experts in cold storage design and chilled construction has allowed us to build strategic alliances in the industry as well as key contacts in the field. Some of these trusted partners will fund, or lease-back, the building or unit extension to our clients to minimise their initial capital expenditure.

We also construct more conventional, ambient warehousing solutions if you require it.

With Ambrey Baker, there’s no need to compromise on quality for cost. We offer an affordable range of pricing for a premium range of controlled environment products.

Thinking cold storage construction? Think Ambrey Baker.