Industrial Warehouse Refurbishment & Extension

Why Ambrey Baker?

Keeping your cold storage room or industrial unit running as efficiently as possible is a crucial part of any successful supply chain. But what if a few years have passed since its first installation and you notice a downturn in freezer performance, or that you seem to be building up higher costs for the same output?

One common issue is the corrosion of doors and gaskets over time. This can lead to the door not sealing properly when closed, which results in a number of issues including; refrigeration equipment needing to work a lot harder than it was designed to, ice forming around the door frame or floor threshold leading to an increased likelihood of accidents caused by slips, and the door becoming stiff so increasing the chance of employees being trapped inside.

Not only is this economically damaging to your business, but it could also damage the quality of the inventory and potentially risk the safety of your workers. If this is the case, it’s time to look at refurbishing your space.

By bringing in refurbishment experts like Ambrey Baker, we can replace any faulty doors, install sweeper gaskets to improve the seal, check and change the HVAC system, replace and overlay the flooring, and install hygienic planking to internal walls if needed. We can also help you to make intelligent use of any unexploited assets that could be taken advantage of through more compact, modern equipment as well as potentially extending the building so as to increase stock capacity.

Through careful planning, innovative design, and high-quality construction, we can craft your company’s ideal cold storage unit, warehouse or distribution centre and ultimately help your whole operation run to optimum efficiency.