New Build


We work alongside our clients for the entire duration of their projects. From the initial planning application to the final handover, we’re by your side to ensure everything runs smoothly. The scope of the project is down to you; as is your degree of involvement.

Your key point contact will co-ordinate all work in line with your vision and will keep you updated on the progress made. Projects range from maintenance and refurbishment to new builds, covering every stage of the process. Our service not only establishes your foundations – both literally and figuratively – but also refines the building’s functionality through CCTV systems, security doors, electrical works, and more.

Specialised equipment is utilised to ensure a precise finish, and contingency plans can be put into place to facilitate the easy repair of the building’s components due to wear and tear. Our fire rated partitioning is of a high quality, with no need for repairs, but for door systems subject to regular use we offer ‘Maintenance Contracts’. Each door is given an identity tag and is mapped onto a CAD image of the building’s layout. This means that, if a part breaks, we’re able to identify the issue and source replacements promptly without having to enter your site. Regular maintenance visits, however, can also be arranged to prolong the life expectance of your components. In this way, we build with the future in mind.