Insurance Fire Integrity Surveys


Maintaining fire integrity is essential to meet today’s health & safety compliance and insurance requirements.

We conduct surveys for composite panels (ceilings & walls), roof void, firewall and fire door surveys, working with the client throughout the whole process to produce a document detailing the potential risks, or problems that might prevent a structure from being compliant.

Firewalls, doors and the integrity of smoke and fire seals often need regular inspection and replacement because of operational wear & tear. These and the aforementioned void space status and materials risk should be inspected as part of the regular fire risk audit process.

Many older food factories, cold & chill stores are often made with Polystyrene temperature-controlled rooms. This material, post-Grenfell, has been sanctioned by Insurers as a major fire hazard and as such, many insurance policies could be compromised, if an insurer has blacklisted the material and it has not been replaced.

We also build firewalls and compartments to suit risk management needs.