Smart, High Care & Specialist Manufacturing


Our teams boast a diverse scope of knowledge and experience. With such a wealth of alliance partners and consultants, many of whom have been former clients who were responsible for all matters property, engineering, or operations within their own organisations, our degree of manufacturing capability at Ambrey Baker truly knows no bounds.

We are experienced in the various issues that arise in designing, improving or building factories which are transforming to Industry 4.0 and more connected Smart Factories. Our own integrated digital and technology methods are rigorous and efficient across the board too and is matched by our sensitivity to your IP, the manufacturing environment for those high value components you produce and the sensitivities of having work done in a “live” operational arena.

The skillset and care taken by all of our workforce is magnificently malleable and flexible – if you provide the mission, we’ll be there to execute your vision to the highest standards, acting as an efficient extension of your very own business.