Health & Safety


30 + years’ experience as high achievers in delivering outstanding health & safety management for Capital Projects in “live” operational, high-risk environments

Our Health and Safety Record is pristine! In the past 5 years we have not had a single reportable incident or accident. We are very proud of passion for health, safety and the quality of how we go about our business and the work that we produce. It’s what you’d expect from an Industrial Specialist that serves so many “blue-chip” global brands!

As part of our services, particularly when providing Construction Management Solutions we can undertake:


  • Design safety reviews
  • Pre-Construction Risk Management
  • Construction Stage Safety Planning
  • CDM 2015 – Principal Designer
  • CDM 2015 – Principal Contractor
  • Safety & Operability Studies
  • Fire Risk Compliance Reports
  • Auditing construction and installation projects by others
Construction Safety
Construction Safety