Baker Plant Hire – Light Industrial

Baker Plant Hire – Light Industrial

Client: Baker Plant Hire

Duration: 4 Months

Location: Lincolnshire

Value: £400,000

Baker Plant Hire, nestled in the heart of Lincolnshire, envisioned the creation of four brand-new light industrial units. The challenge was not only to construct these units but to ensure they embodied modernity, functionality, and adherence to industry standards. As a reputable provider of plant and tool hire services, Baker Plant Hire aimed to expand its offerings with these state-of-the-art industrial spaces.

In collaboration with Baker Plant Hire, Ambrey Baker devised a comprehensive full turnkey development strategy. Leveraging Ambrey Baker’s construction expertise and Baker Plant Hire’s extensive equipment range, the project commenced with detailed design and planning. The synergy between both companies facilitated a seamless execution from the ground up, covering every aspect of the development process.

The full turnkey solution included not only the physical construction of the units but also meticulous planning, incorporating the latest industry standards. Ambrey Baker’s commitment to delivering high-quality construction solutions complemented Baker Plant Hire’s mission to provide customers with exceptional service and value for money.

The successful completion of this full turnkey development project marked a significant milestone for Baker Plant Hire and Ambrey Baker. The four new light industrial units now stand proudly as symbols of efficient collaboration and a commitment to excellence. These units not only meet the functional requirements of modern industry but also align with Baker Plant Hire’s dedication to developing long-term business relationships through quality equipment and exceptional service.

Ambrey Baker’s full turnkey development has given us more than industrial units; it’s a testament to their dedication and expertise. We now offer our customers cutting-edge spaces, thanks to the efficiency and precision demonstrated throughout the project.

Paul - Baker Plant Hire