Walkers – Factory Extention

Walkers – Factory Extention

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Client: Walkers Midshire

Duration: 18

Location: Leicester

Value: Undisclosed

Challenge: Enhancing Operations for Walkers Deli and Sausage Co

In 1824, Walkers & Son started a small butchery business in Leicester, which evolved into Walkers Deli and Sausage Co—a business specializing in the manufacturing of Premium Sliced Cooked Meats, Sausages, and being the largest producer of Pate in the UK. With a heritage tracing back to the original shop, Walkers Deli and Sausage Co are dedicated to constant improvement and innovation, striving to offer fantastic products and consumer service.

The challenge faced by Walkers Deli and Sausage Co was to elevate their operational efficiency and keep pace with their commitment to continuous improvement. The need for streamlined processes and modern facilities to support their expanding product range prompted them to seek a construction partner that could match their dedication to excellence.

Solution: Ambrey Baker’s Tailored Construction Expertise

Ambrey Baker partnered with Walkers Deli and Sausage Co to meet their operational enhancement goals. The tailored solutions provided by Ambrey Baker addressed the specific needs of Walkers Deli and Sausage Co’s ambitious project.

New Loading Bay (Completed Last Year):

Ambrey Baker designed a state-of-the-art loading bay, optimizing logistical operations to enhance efficiency and fortify the client’s supply chain.

New Factory Extension (Completed Last Year):

Expansion of production capabilities was achieved through the completion of a cutting-edge factory extension, equipped with modern facilities to accommodate Walkers Deli and Sausage Co’s evolving needs.

Factory Extension, Factory Remodelling, and New Loading Bay (Completed This Year):

Multiple projects executed seamlessly this year, including additional factory extensions, remodelling initiatives, and a new loading bay, showcasing Ambrey Baker’s commitment to delivering quality results tailored to Walkers Deli and Sausage Co’s requirements.

New R&D Facility (Under Construction):

Currently underway is the construction of a Research and Development Facility, emphasizing innovation and keeping Walkers Deli and Sausage Co at the forefront of industry advancements.

Ambrey Baker’s expertise has elevated our operational capabilities to new heights. Their commitment to quality has but exceeded our expectations, making them instrumental partners in our journey to operational excellence.


Ambrey Baker showcased its diversity by successfully converting a warehouse into a new food factory—a project of significant scale and complexity, aligning with Walkers Deli and Sausage Co’s commitment to offering unique and high-quality products. Facility reflects Walkers Deli and Sausage Co’s commitment to innovation, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry advancements.